helping your business to grow


If you or your employees need to:

  • write better copy to educate or influence,

  • talk more persuasively to clients or customers,

  • think more creatively about challenges or opportunities in the business,

…our in-house training workshops can help.

not the same old in-house workshops you’ve fallen asleep in previously

Every working day, countless people sit in business meetings or training workshops. How many of them do you think are actively engaged the entire time? And how many of them do you think zone out completely and spend most of the meeting daydreaming?

One of our foundational beliefs as a company (can a company have a belief?) is that if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing properly. And that is why we developed our training workshops.

All our business workshops have been created by a former professional magician. Each workshop has been designed to be:

  • refreshingly different to the ‘standard’ workshops run by other companies,

  • fun and engaging for your attendees,

  • effective in helping you achieve your business objectives,

  • responsible for changed actions, behaviours and increased productivity for the attendees.

(In other words, people don’t fall asleep in our workshops and they learn useful things that they can start using in their jobs immediately.)

I cannot recommend Mike Clarke highly enough as your mentor and teacher if you wish to develop your business...or even take it to the next level. Mike’s tuition is of the real world and his training is second to none. ”
— Nick Ralls, Southampton, UK

Workshop Options


If you (or your team) need to create content for your business, whether blogs, articles, newsletters or product descriptions, this workshop will show how to write content that delivers the results you need.

2.effective presentations

Learn how to make your presentations (whether for team meetings or corporate conferences) more effective. Learn how to engage people from the very start of your presentation, command attention and have people hanging on your every word.

3.CREATivity for business growth

A workshop on genuine disruption for business. Based upon our ‘Think Inside the Box’ approach to creative thinking, we use illustrations, real world examples and practical exercises to train you how to think differently in order to grow your business.

Let’s talk!

Our training workshops our delivered for individuals or for teams. Please contact us to discuss your specific training requirements.