Copywriting Prices? No problemo.

If you're searching for copywriting prices in the UK, you may notice that 99.999% of copywriters, writing agencies and marketing agencies keep their fees completely hidden, out of public view.

Whether this is due to a combination of fear, following ‘the industry norm’ or a desire to ‘hard sell’ their services and squeeze the most money possible out of every client, we would never suggest these are the reasons for their choice. Nope. Not us. We wouldn’t even hint at it. Not even a little bit.

We do things differently

We appreciate that you have a marketing budget to stick to, and that you need to raise a PO for any content writing projects. That’s why we’ve put our prices for a range of projects below, so you can see if we’ll be a good fit for you.

All fees given on this page are exclusive of VAT, so please note that VAT will be added at the time of billing.


A "deep dive" analysis of your current marketing funnels, systems and processes (online and offline), website copy, adverts, sales scripts, phone scripts etc.

In other words, we take all your marketing apart, examine it in minute detail and then put it back so that everything works together more effectively. If you're a start up business, we will create all the systems and copy described above for you.

Fee: £10,500 +VAT


A comprehensive review and ‘content refresh’ of your website. Includes keyword research and content re-write to ensure maximum clarity and usability. Content will be optimised for SEO and conversion focused.

(Please note that we provide you with the content to add to the website but do not make the technical changes to your website.)

Fee: £3,500 +VAT

Blog Post

Includes research, keyword analysis, content creation, copy editing and proofreading of one blog post.

Fee: £625 +VAT (volume discounts available)

New website page

Content written for a new website page, designed and structured to meet your business outcomes and SEO requirements. Includes keyword research (we use Moz), copy editing and proofreading.

Fee: £750 +VAT

Social Media Management

Regular posting to, and monitoring of, your social media accounts. 5 days/week, 1 hour/day. All posts written within your brand guidelines and in your corporate tone of voice.

Fee: £2,500 +VAT per month (pay in advance for 10 months, get 2 months free)

Script for Video Sales Letter (VSL)

Script for an online sales video of up to 20 minutes. Uses conversion-focused persuasion and influence strategies.

Fee: £1,500 +VAT

Sales Letter

A well-written and elegantly-crafted sales letter can be worth its weight in gold. We’ll write a sales letter (up to 4 pages of A4) promoting and/or selling a product or service you offer. This will be delivered as both a Word document and a PDF file.

Fee: £1,250 +VAT


Magazine-style article written to position you/your product as the ideal solution to a problem. Includes research, copy editing and proofreading. 

Fee: £750 +VAT


Our professional proofreader will check your content for spelling mistakes, typing errors, punctuation and hyphenating errors, and any other grammatical errors.

Depending on your preference, they will work on paper, using the British Standard BS 5261 proofreading marks or use Microsoft Word, making suggestions via the Track Changes tool so that you can easily view any alterations made.

£35 +VAT per hour

Copy editing

Whereas a proofreader tends to look over finalised content, a copy editor is involved in the early stages of the content writing process and can help shape the content as it is being written. In addition, they will give a much more hands-on approach in terms of style, layout, referencing and presentation.

£45 +VAT per hour

Custom Sales Script

Writing of a sales script, to ensure excellent structure, pacing and wording. This will be delivered as both a Word document and a PDF file.

Fee: £1,500 +VAT

Speech Writing

Have your audience raving about you following your next keynote speech.

Fee: £2,500 +VAT

In-house workshops

Workshop options are ‘Copywriting’, ‘Effective Presentations’ and ‘Creativity For Business Growth’. Each 1-day workshop can be delivered for an individual or a team (up to 20 people).

Fee: £2,500 +VAT (For locations more than 3 hours travel from Bristol, additional travel and/or accommodation costs may be added. Get in touch to discuss your requirements and I’ll provide you with a custom quote.)

Copywriter day rate

If you would like to retain our services on a per day basis, our copywriter can work on any project you have.

Fee: £500 +VAT per day (9am-5pm)

Monthly retainer for copywriting

If you would like to retain our copywriting services for a set number of hours per month, our monthly retainer fee represents the best value. A day is based on business hours of 9am-5pm.

5 days/month - £2,250 +VAT each month
(equivalent to a day rate of £450)
10 days/month -£4,000 +VAT each month
(equivalent to a day rate of £400)

Phone Consultation

Consulting, focused on planning and strategy to enhance your marketing, content and sales. 

£250 +VAT per hour

Something else?

This page shows prices for a range of copywriting and writing projects. If you have a project that isn’t covered here, please contact us for a quote.