Meet Mike

Mike Clarke, Managing Director

Mike Clarke, Managing Director

Are you looking for a business copywriter or commercial writer who actually understands business? Clarke Creatives was founded by Mike Clarke specifically to meet that need.

With a BSc from the University of Wales College of Medicine, Mike has enjoyed a varied career. Over the years, he’s worked:

  • for the NHS as a diagnostic radiographer

  • in sales for a FTSE 100 pharmaceutical company

  • as a magician in Bristol, UK (yes, really!)


Mike may very well be the only person in the world who can do all the following three things:

  • quote large chunks of 'Scientific Advertising' by Claude Hopkins,

  • name every bone in the human body,

  • make a coin vanish from his hand.

We’re aware that this is a highly unusual combination of skills and, to be honest, we've yet to find a practical use for them. If you think of one, please let us know.

Copywriters Assemble!

Mike is supported in his work by a hand-picked team of UK copywriters, commercial writers, proofreaders and copy editors. With expertise and experience in a range of areas and specialities, they provide us with the ability to scale depending upon your specific project requirements.

can we help take the pressure off you?

We know that finding a decent business copywriter who actually understands how and where content fits in with your business model can be a challenge. Having run our own businesses for over 15 years, we fully understand the competing demands you have on your time and resources, and the commercial realities of business.

So why don’t we have a chat about what you need, the scope of your project(s) and the results you're looking for?

If at the end of our discussion you decide you would like us to help you, great - let's work together! If you decide not to use us, that is no problem at all. We will never try to "hard sell" you on hiring us - that's not how we work (and from a persuasion and influence perspective, it's the worst way to sell to anyone!). 

I had the pleasure to work with Mike around the copywriting requirements and SEO for our new websites (for 2 different entities). On this time-restricted project, Mike provided us with very fast extremely reliable support and advice. He is efficient and knowledgeable in his domain, with a great attention to detail required for such projects. I would recommend Mike Clarke’s work for any company that needs a reliable and talented copywriter.
— Hakim Driouche, Group Marketing Manager, Skills Alliance