When is a copywriter not a copywriter?

Has your copywriter been the victim of identity theft?

As strange as it sounds, the majority of people advertising themselves as copywriters are not actually copywriters.

Sound confusing? Let me explain…

A copywriter is somebody who writes persuasive content in order to sell.

What they are selling will vary. For example, they may write to sell:

  • a product,

  • a service,

  • an idea.

The important thing to note is that whatever they are selling, they are always writing in order to sell something.

However, many people advertising themselves as copywriters today are not writing to sell.

They are writing, sure. They may even get away with describing themselves as ‘content marketers. But writing to sell? No way.

And there’s nothing wrong with being ‘only’ a writer of course. In fact, I have many friends with English degrees and they’re all great people (if a little bit too enthusiastic to talk about their theories on Shakespeare’s real identity given half the chance…)

Is an English degree enough?

A person with an English degree will write very nicely, with crisp punctuation and perfect grammar.

Their words will flow nicely, and you just know that there will be layers of academic rigour behind the structure of each sentence.

BUT…is having an English degree the only qualification somebody needs in order to write content for a business?

How about writing content for your business?

Well-written words are, of course, important. However, content for a business also needs to:

  • be focused on achieving a specific goal for the business,

  • be written within any brand guidelines,

  • be focused primarily on results for your business, rather than on the correct use of English language.

Wouldn’t it be good to hire a copywriter for your business who has:

  • experience of actually running a business?

  • years of specialised sales training?

  • a history of selling; B2B and B2C, one-to-one and one-to-many?

  • practical experience of applying behavioural psychology to increase sales?

  • knowledge of the most current methods of persuasion and influence?

  • a focus (some would say obsession) on maximising results and responses?

The solution won’t shock you

Isn’t it a surprise that I happen to tick all the boxes above? (Okay, maybe it’s not that surprising, seeing as I wrote them.)

I have a laser-like focus on copy that drives results. With years of practical sales experience, running a business and persuading and influencing people, your business can rely on me to always keep the focus of any content written on delivering tangible business results for you.

In addition, I personally ensure sure that any copywriter who works with us has a similar focus and approach. They may have an English degree and be able to argue the merits of Shakespeare vs. Marlowe, but that comes second to writing with a specific business focus.

Content needed? Let’s talk.

So, if you need content written for your business, why not get in touch to see how we can help? You can also check out our prices here.

(That’s right - not only do we write business content with a business focus, we’re also very upfront about our fees. How many writing, advertising and marketing agencies can say the same do you think?)

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