What does a copywriter in the UK charge?

Looking for copywriter prices?

Trying to find out how much a UK copywriter charges is a bit like finding out the length of a piece of string - it varies hugely. Some copywriters charge very low fees while some copywriters charge much higher fees.

Most copywriters tend to keep their prices hidden from obvious view. Not many include them on their websites (there are a few exceptions, notable only for their rarity).

There are many reasons for this ‘hidden fee’ approach, including:

  • copywriters all following the 'industry standard' (i.e. doing what everyone else in their industry is doing),

  • scarcity mentality ("If I put my fees online, my competition will know what I'm charging"),

  • a desire to adjust their fees up or down depending on what they think they can get away with charging ("they're a big company so I'll add a few zeros to my quote..."),

  • uncertainty over their own pricing,

  • not wanting other copywriters to know what they're actually charging.

There’s nothing new under the sun

Funnily enough, our MD experienced the exact same thing when he was working as an entertainer in Bristol, UK. Hardly any entertainers included their fees on their websites.  

He decided very deliberately to go against the grain and include his prices clearly on his website. His clients loved it and he kept very busy. Even now, years after he added prices to his website and found it worked exceptionally well, nearly every other entertainer in the UK still refuses to do so, claiming "it worked for him, but wouldn't work for me." 

Short-sighted and blinkered thinking doesn't help anyone - entertainer, copywriter or business owner. 


The Professional Copywriters' Network has a page detailing their suggested rates for copywriters which will give you a (very vague) idea of what some copywriters may charge 

‘Suggested rates’ are all well and good, but that is all they are - suggestions. We know of some UK copywriters who charge £60 for a blog post while others (like us) charge £600+, so it would be fair to say that the prices given on the above link are only an indicator of what some copywriters are charging some of the time.

Some copywriters charge by the hour or by the day while others (including me) charge per project.

The benefit of paying a project fee

If you use a copywriter who charges a day rate, how do you know what the final bill is going to come in as? You may have a general idea but it's likely to vary from the initial estimate as it can sometimes take longer to complete the work than planned (especially with particularly complex projects).  

As a company, we charge on a ‘per project’ basis, as it provides our clients clarity about what each specific project will cost them.

And just to be different to nearly every other copywriter in the UK, you can easily see our current prices for a number of standard copywriting projects by clicking here.

Everyone is selling. But is anybody buying?