Hire a copy editor

they’ll make sure everything makes sense

Content editing or proofreading: what’s the difference?

Whereas a proofreader may be hired to look over finalised content, a copy editor is often brought on in the early stages of the content writing process and can help shape the content as it is being written.

Rather than highlighting and/or changing incorrect spelling and grammar, our copy editor may:

  • Query certain word usage,

  • Flag up long sentences, weak arguments, questionable facts or contradictions,

  • Assess whether or not the tone of the piece is appropriate for target audiences,

  • Potentially rewrite sections of text, while maintaining the author’s voice: This may be needed for overall clarity, particularly if certain paragraphs stand out as being inconsistent with the rest of the text,

  • Ensure a publisher’s house style is adhered to,

  • Check for potential libellous content (there’s nothing like a potential lawsuit to mess up your marketing…).

In addition, they will give a much more hands-on approach in terms of style, layout, referencing, and presentation.

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