A personal message for you about our business copywriting service

Dear website visitor,

I’m Mike, founder and MD of Clarke Creatives.

I wanted to write you a personal note about how I think we as a company can help you.

If you’re on this page, it’s (hopefully) because you are a business owner or marketing manager looking for a person to write ‘something’ for you*.

Your ‘something’ may be:

  • a blog post,

  • a webpage,

  • an advert,

  • a keynote speech,

  • a product description,

  • a sales script,

  • a script for a video sales letter (VSL),

  • or any one of a number of other things.

*If this doesn't describe you, you are on the wrong page. Heck, you’re on the wrong website entirely, so why not just click here and enjoy a game of Pong before getting back to work?

Writing for a specific business reason

At the moment, I don’t know the details of what you need written. (After all, how could I? I used to be a magician, not a mindreader.)

But…I’m willing to bet that you want a copywriter for a specific business reason, not just because you have a budget to spend.

And while I am not trying to ‘sell’ you on working with us, I do want to show you why it makes good business sense to have us help you.

HaS This Happened to you?

Have you hired a copywriter previously and been a bit…well…disappointed with what they’ve written? I mean, the copy may have read nicely and seemed ‘okay’, but in terms of the results it led to, was it a bit…

When you read the content they’d written, did it excite you? Make you feel passionate? Move you emotionally in any way? Did it motivate you to make a decision or to take an action? Did it make you want to buy?

If you just shook your head, You’re not alone

If you’ve just shaken your head, with a knowing look on your face and a sad sigh escaping your lips, please know that you’re not alone. In fact, many business owners and marketing managers I talk to say they’ve had the same experience. And not just once. They’ve previously hired a copywriter who wrote ‘nice’ words, but the content just didn’t deliver the results.

Unlike many of your peers, who race after the latest shiny marketing gimmick and fad, you actually appreciate the importance and value of the power of words in your business.

You know that the way words are used in your business can:

  • build or destroy,

  • sell or not sell,

  • affirm or reject,

  • cause a business to succeed or to fail.


  • Are you thinking of choosing someone randomly?

  • Maybe you might contact a bunch of copywriters to see who responds?

  • Will you go with the approach from 'The Matrix' movies and ask the Oracle for guidance? 🙂

None of the approaches above is necessarily wrong (although, let's be honest, the Oracle one is unlikely to work).

But…we’re willing to bet that you want a copywriter for a specific business reason (not just because you have a budget to spend).

So let's cut to the chase; we write content that is engaging, easy to read AND that is business-focused.

Before writing anything, we research things. A lot. And then we research some more. Once we’ve written your content, we’ll send it to you for review. After then making any changes you would like, we will have everything checked by our content editor and proofreader before sending you the finished content to use as you wish.

We charge on a 'per project' basis, and there are never any additional or unexpected costs. What we quote is actually what you'll pay (if you've had previous dealings with a marketing or advertising agency, you'll appreciate our approach).

If that sounds like the kind of “content writing awesomeness” you’re looking for, get in touch with us and we'll get things moving.

(And if it doesn’t sound like the type of thing you’re looking for, we suggest you start searching for an Oracle to consult... 😉)

Mike Clarke is my secret weapon.

When I need a pro to make sure my message is being delivered in a professional and persuasive way, he is my go-to guy. Even better, his work always converts for me, making his service a ‘no brainer’ option.

If you need someone to get your point across and - more importantly - deliver results, Mike is your man!
— James Kennedy, tourguidescotland.com